H. colchica Dentata
The very large unlobed leaves are impressive. It is vigorous ands makes particularly good ground cover for large areas.


H. colchica Dentata Variegata
Similar to Dentata but leaves splashed deep cream yellow. Probably the most spectacular of hardy ivies whether on a wall or as ground cover.


H. colchica Sulphur Heart
The large leaves have irregular central splashes of pale yellow or lighter green.


H. helix Angularis Aurea
Medium leaves mottled yellow. The variegation is somewhat unpredictable and it colours best in sun so choose an appropriate wall.


H. helix Arran
Small and very neat dark green leaves. Very useful on low walls and rock gardens.


H. helix Asterisk
Five or seven lobed deeply cut medium leaves. Climbs and trails.


H. helix Atropurpurea
An ordinary sort of climbing ivy but the dark green leaves colour a deep bronzy purple in winter.


H. helix Buttercup

Small to medium leaves which are completely yellow if grown where they get a reasonable amount of sun. Not recommended for ground cover.


H. helix Cavendishii

This is a very old and stable climbing ivy. The leaf centre is green with grey-green streaks and a cream margin.


H. helix Ceridwen
Extremely pretty ivy with small to medium leaves with irregular bright yellow variegation which will climb or trail.


H. helix Chester
Cream-white variegated all purpose ivy.


H. Helix Cockle Shell
A novelty where the name describes the leaves. Surprisingly, it seems hardy and can be used as ground cover.


H. helix Curvaceous
Very attractive cream variegated curly leaved ivy for trailing and ground cover.


H. helix deltoidea (or hibernica Deltoidea)
Known as the Shield or Sweetheart ivy because of the roughly heart shaped dark green leaves. A striking climber.


H. helix erecta
Remarkable for sending up erect stems with very small precisely arranged leaves.


H. helix Fan
The name indicates the shape of the medium to large leaves and the radiating veins. Climbs strongly.


H. helix Fluffy Ruffles
Distinctive ivy with deeply waved and convoluted leaves. Generally thought of as a pot plant, it is hardy and can be used as ground cover.


H. helix Goldchild
Very similar to Ceridwen but they are so bright and attractive that it is worth having both.


H. helix Ivalace
A charming all purpose ivy with glossy green crinkled leaves giving a lace effect.


H. helix Little Diamond
This has small creamy white diamond shaped leaves and stiff stems giving a bushy habit. It throws short trails and can be used in a rock garden.


H. helix Manda’s Fringette
Medium light green 5 lobed leaves have some similarity to Fan and Green Ripple. It makes good ground cover.


H. helix Minor Marmorata
This is a very pretty climber with small white marbled leaves and it grows slowly.


H. helix Misty
A compact trailing or ground cover ivy with white variegated grey green leaves.


H. helix Obovata
A fairly vigorous climber with heart shaped or almost round dark green leaves.


H. helix Olive Rose
A very unusual ivy that has very heavily crimped and curled leaves. It is advised that it should be underfed/bonsaied to prevent reversion.


H. helix Parsley Crested
Light green medium sized leaves with twisted and crimped edges which will climb or trail.


H. helix Pedata
Small to medium birds foot shape leaved ivy which is best as a climber.


H. helix Perkeo
The leaves are stunted and puckered which give it a very unusual appearance. Usually grown as a pot plant it appears to be hardy and makes a pleasing bushy shape. The veins colour red in cold weather.


H. helix Persian Carpet
Distinguished by very pale green deldoid shaped leaves. It can be ground cover or a climber although it does not cling well to smooth surfaces.


H. helix Professor Friedrich Tobler
This is distinctive because the leaves are so deeply cut that generally they are separated into 3 or 5 leaflets. It produces quite long trails.


H. helix Sagittifolia Variegata
The small leaves are of the birds foot type and are grey-green with a cream-white border. It is more vigorous than some books indicate and suitable for all purposes.


H. helix Schafer Three
The leaves are small and almost unlobed with splashes of grey green and white variegation. Suitable for containers or ground cover.


H. helix Spetchley
This is the smallest leaved ivy and is excellent fitted into tiny spaces.


H. helix Tess
The name comes from the tessalated or mosaic effect of a yellow blush and very visible light yellow leave veins. Best as a climber with some sun.


H. helix Walthamensis
This reliable small leaved form makes a very dense mat when used as ground cover.


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